How To Make a Business Plan #3

Yesterday, we differentiated Business Plan with Business Idea and we thought how different between two concept.

And I offer you trying to write business ideas lines.

How about that?

Could you find preferable one?

If not, we can try again and again.

Today, we will think about how evaluate these lines of ideas.

A lot of lines of ideas is insurance of your proceeding business idea going to business plan, so you have to try harder in idea thinking.

There are 7 viewpoints.

  1. Novelty : Is there similar idea in the world?
  2. Customers’ Needs : “Definitely, I will buy.” or Just saying, “That’s nice.”
  3. Seeds : is there chance to achieve according to former small success?
  4. Originality, Uniqueness : Is there similar product? Is it easy to imitate your idea?
  5. Feasibility : Is it easy to achieve after combining what we can easily get? or have to search, develop, need to time and cost?
  6. Scale : How is sale going to ? And we will choose personal or corporation.
  7. Profits : How is the cost? Against the cost, is it reasonable to set sale price high?
1. Novelty2. Customers’ Needs3. Seeds4. Originality, Uniqueness5. Feasibility6. Scale7. Profits

We will write 1, 2, 3 or △, ◯, ◎ or A, B, C.

3 steps or 5 steps or 10 steps.

We are evaluated 3 stages in elementary school, 5 stages in junior high school, 10 stages in high school in Japan.

After evaluation of your business idea, we have to choose what we have to do next.

In case, it is concerned that

  1. our intensity of the feeling in the idea and
  2. how excellent its business chance is.

If you have a strong earnestness in a single idea beyond a possibility.

Let’s proceed making business plan, because you can’t do another business until you understand how is your first idea dominant in your brain.